How to use

Viz is simple to use. Follow the steps below to learn how to find videos using supported websites, save, download and watch them on your mobile device at your convenience. You can watch your videos anytime, anywhere regardless of your internet connection.

Step 1: Choose a supported website in the Favorites tab. Favorites are pre-loaded bookmarks. You can add your own bookmark by pressing the bookmark icon on the browser page. To remove a bookmark, long press the bookmark. Select a bookmark with a single tap and the site will be opened in the Browser tab.

Step 2: Select a video of your choice in the Browser tab. The video will open and a dialogue box with a default file name will appear.

Step 3: Next, you can either save the video to begin the download process or press Cancel to return to browsing. If the Download option is selected, Viz will begin downloading the video, and a red icon alert will appear on the Download tab indicating that the download has begun. You may watch the progress of the download by clicking on the Download tab or you may perform another action. The download progess will not be interrupted if you do something else.

Step 4: Navigate to the Video tab to access your downloaded videos. Select a video to watch it, or hold and press the video to remove the video. Downloaded videos will be accessible in the Video tab and can be watched at anytime until they are removed.

How to remove a video: You may remove a video from your files at anytime. Hold and long press the video when you are in the Video tab. You will be prompted to remove the file or to cancel and return to the previous screen.